"Kevin has been a student of mine for 30 years. He holds the level of Full Instructor under me in Jun Fan Gung Fu and in the Filipino Martial Arts.I highly recommend Kevin as a guest instructo for seminars, clinics and workshops.
Sifu Dan Inosanto
Founder/Head Instructor
Inosanto Academy Of
Martial Arts
Los Angeles, Ca

"I congratulate Sifu Kevin Seaman on providing Martial Arts practioners with a helpful source of information for the study of Jun Fan. His discipline, sincerity and dedication have made him a fine teacher."

Sifu Francis Fong
Atlanta, Ga

"Through Mr. Seaman's dedication, hard work and perseverence he has developed this valuable resource of information which is easy to comprehend and makes it
appealing to both the
expert and novice alike."

Erik Paulson
CSW Association
Los Angeles, Ca



The Winning Mind Set and the pleasure of working with Sifu Kevin Seaman have not only been influential, but essential in achieving my goals as a professional fighter, and in everyday life."
Tamdan "The Barn Cat" McCrory
Professional MMA Fighter: 13-3 World Champ
Veteran UFC Fighter

Kevin and I have been in the same circle for over 20 years, in fact I met Kevin at one of my first truly Mixed Martial Arts camps in 1986. Since then Kevin has continued to be at the forefront of the MMA movement in all aspects of physical and mental training. Kevin is a wealth of knowledge, an excellent martial artist and a great instructor. I continue to use his books as references and look forward to new material.

Opera Non Verba - Deeds Not Words
Ajarn Greg A. Nelson

I have known Kevin Seaman for 20+ years. During this time I have always respected Kevin. He is a man of great knowledge and high standards. If you are looking for a martial arts instructor that can bring you to the next level then Kevin is your man.

Sifu Ron Balicki
Martial Arts Research Systems


I met Kevin Seaman in 1990 at a martial arts camp. At the time, I was a 17 year Traditional Karate veteran. After that weekend of his Thai/JKD and Kali classes, I became a martial arts junkie. In 1998 I became an Instructor under Sifu Kevin in JKD and Filipino Martial Arts. I would not be the martial arts instructor I am today had our paths not crossed. The debt that I (and my students) owe him can never be repaid, though we do our best to try.

Sifu is quite simply, the finest martial arts instructor/mentor/coach and friend any student could ask for. If you ever have the opportunity to train with him, you must.

Sifu Raffi A. Derderian Jr.
Derderian Academy


"Kevin Seaman received a full instructor certificate from me in 1992. Since then, he has worked hard to both keep what he has learned from me, as well as other teachers. He is a highly qualified instructor. You can't go wrong working with Sifu Kevin Seaman.”

-Sifu Tim Tackett
Head Instructor
JKD Wednesday Night Group


Sifu Kevin is a dedi-cated and highly qualified martial artist, instructor, coach and motivator. I first met Sifu and became his student 15 years ago while I was attending SUNY Cortland. Although I have attended many martial arts schools since graduating college, I have not found the quality instruction and professionalism that Sifu Kevin possesses. Kevin Seaman is a martial arts treasure in an ocean of posers and impostors.
Paul DeNunzio
Police Officer and former US Army Officer

I have worked with Kevin Seaman for almost 15 years. His wealth of knowledge in the martial arts is second to none.
He is a consummate professional and I recommend his products to anyone looking for something unique valuable.

Paul Reavlin
CEO and Founder
of Revgear Sports

I met Sifu Kevin years ago. He is a wealth of knowledge. Not only will he help to hone your Martial Art skills, but he is also a fantastic motivator and life coach. Check him out. You will not be disappointed!!

Kru Scott Anderson
Thai Boxing Association of the USA
North East Regional Director




I have had the great pleasure to train with Kevin over the last 15 years. He has always inspired me physically and mentally. Never miss an opportunity to train with him or just talk with him.

Kru Mark Mills

Owner, Chief Instructor
Columbia Martial Arts & Fitness

“Having trained in traditional martial arts since the age of 6, I understand the importance of having a positive, healthy and stable mindset when it comes to life and competition. The Winning Mind Set will help you understand yourself and the way your mind works in a way that you won't imagine. It was the last piece of literature I read before entering The Ultimate Fighter house season 12.”

Spencer Paige
Professional Fighter & Participant- Ultimate Fighter Season 12


Kevin Seaman has been a long time (25yr) role model and mentor of mine. He is a top notch martial artist, instructor and coach. Relatively few in our profession can qualify as a role model in all of those areas. I still learn or refine a skill or concept every time I train with him or hear a lecture at Super Summer Seminars.

Tom Arcuri / Director
Bailey's Karate School
Pro-Active Safety Systems
Super Summer Seminars


I had the honor to meet Kevin through my martial arts instructors a good 15 years ago. Kevin has always been an inspiring person to be around. Since then I began following his writings. His focus to bring out the best in people alongside of his true, down to earth, genuine approach makes him a very special and rare individual. I have used his information to grow our martial arts schools and other life projects. It’s a true pleasure to know Kevin.

Kenny Barry
JAX Martial Arts

Kevin Seaman is one of the few people in the world who truly understands all ranges in Martial Arts. Whether it's Boxing, Muay Thai, Weapons, or Grappling, his knowledge constantly amazes me. His ability to teach and translate material is second to none and he's mastered the ability to teach all levels. You can find good coaches who understand each individual range, but in a age where mixing ranges is key, you need a coach who also understands them all. Thank you, Sifu Kevin for sharing the knowledge you have with me, and my school. You've made a true difference in how we perceive Martial Arts!

Ryan Gruhn
Owner / Head Instructor Central PA Mixed Martial Arts



" I have been involved in law enforce-ment for over 29 years, a law enforce-ment DT/ combatives trainer for over 20 years, and an avid practitioner and competitor in the martial arts. I can unequivocally state that Kevin Seaman is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate teachers and mentors I have ever had the honor and pleasure of training under. I have utilized his training on personal and professional levels to include his motivational tactics and techniques and find them second to none. I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to train with Kevin, read one of Kevin's best selling texts or articles, that you do so without hesitation...you will not be disappointed !!!”

Stay Safe
Charlie M. 29 year veteran of federal, state and local law enforcement and martial artist

Kevin Seaman brings a wealth of knowledge to his instruction and a very practical approach to his training. Every time I get the opportunity to train with Kevin I take advantage of it. Each time I leave one of his classes I am inspired and impressed by his talent and knowledge. He has helped to make me a more well rounded martial artist.

Chris Dammann
Chief Instructor
Hudson Valley Krav Maga

Over the years I have had the privilege to train with Sifu Kevin Seaman on several occasions in both Muay Thai and Kali.  His knowledge of these arts is incredible.  Never has he disappointed! Anyone with an interest in the martial arts would be doing themselves a great disservice if they passed on the opportunity to learn from Sifu Seaman. "

Len Sonia
BJJ Blackbelt
Head Instructor


Competing on a high level in grappling takes a large amount of confidence and mental planning.  Reading Sifu Seaman's books has allowed me to truly focus on what it takes to win and be extremely confident when stepping on to the mat!  Everyone, regardless of skill level, can reap benefits from his books.  I can't recommend them enough!

Daniel Covel
BJJ Blackbelt
2x No Gi Pan Am Medalist

I started training with Sifu Kevin more than 20 years ago. Through his teaching and guidance, I achieved instructor rank in 4 martial arts and I'm working on a 5th! Sifu Kevin's teaching skill is top notch and he's a great role model for any martial artist!

Guro Andrew Astle

Sifu Kevin Seaman is one of the most know-ledgeable and well-rounded martial artist I know, and a fantastic teacher, as well.

Sifu Guru Daniel Donzella "Garuda Chuan-fa Tjimande"

Kevin is among the elite of the JKD/Kali instructors, his books and DVDs are top quality; the content is easy to follow and is written/filmed in a way that makes learning an enjoyable practice! Notwithstanding this, he is a great guy to deal with and always helps were he can.

Jon Ryley
6th Dan
Coach British Combat Association

"Over the last decade Kevin Seaman has shown me that he is not only an expert in several martial arts, but an expert in success. On top of that, his ability to help me apply that knowledge to my situation is really what sets him apart from the rest. Bottom Line: he knows how to win - at life - and can show you too."

Michael Rann

How does one convey 20 years of knowing one of the most amazing individuals I have ever had the fortune of learning from and training with. Gratefully he has imparted some of his enthusiasm for life within myself. Sifu-Guru-Kru-Friend; a true teacher....

Kru Steven Webster
Thai Boxing Instructor