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The Mind Game Of MMA
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The Mind Game Of MMA
12 Lessons To Develop The Mental Toughness To Become A Champion
By Kevin Seaman
With a foreword by Professor Phil Migliarese III
4th Degree Black Belt under Relson Gracie/ Owner of Balance Studios

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As a professional martial artist and mental performance coach, I have had the incredible opportunity to meet and train with some amazing athletes and coaches. One of the qualities that these individuals had that set them apart from everyone else is they have discovered the secrets to unleashing the power of their mind! In this book I will share with YOU the secrets that they used to separate themselves from their competition, into a class above everyone else as competitors, coaches, martial artists and people.

Why should you read this book? I've compiled the book into easy to read, engaging Lessons, each one rich with valuable content to help you develop your mind in the direction of your personal path to success in the martial arts!

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